How To Easily Add Benefits To Your Sales Piece

I get all kinds of junk mail.

A long time ago, I purposely bought several information products so I can be on their lists and get their mail on purpose.

Boardroom, Agora…you name it, I’m on it.

One of these is Nightingale-Conant. The other day they sent me a mailer promoting the Sedona Method.

They had the usual sales letter and order form. But there was one sheet they included…it’s below:

It basically outlined 11 ways the Sedona Method can help you accelerate your progress. I thought it was great for 2 reasons:



  1. It portrayed the benefits prospects would get with the Sedona Method. When writing copy you cannot just leave it to the prospect to “figure it out” for themselves when it comes to benefits. You have to pain pictures in your prospect’s mind and tell them what’s in it for them!
  2. It listed the benefits in bulleted form. Opening a direct mail envelope is like opening a package. That’s why in the age of the Internet most of the big companies like Boardroom, Agora and Nightingale Conant are still sending direct mail. And this was a perfect addition to the sales letter because it cut right to the point and told the prospect “what’s in it for them!”

So are you tuning into the radio station “What’s in it for them” (WIIFM) in your copy? Adding a numbered list like this is a perfect place to start. You can either mail this out in a direct mail package, or stick it in the middle of a sales letter.

Talk soon,

Kevin Hill, Direct Response Copywriter

“The Professor of High Response”

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