“Access The Instant Replay Of 5 Copy And Persuasion Tactics That’ll Make Your Marketing More Irresistible To Your Potential Event Attendees”

This briefing took place on Thursday, March 23rd at 12 pm ET | 9 am PT, but you’ll get instant access to the replay when you enter your information below. 

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover during this executive briefing:

  • The 5 Golden Triggers to getting people to attend live events (most event promotions only over 1 or 2 of these)
  • The #1 mistake most event marketing managers make after people register for an event (doing this can tank your show-up rate)
  • The huge “gamechanger” component of your event marketing materials that’ll boost your show-up rate (do it like I’ll show you, and you’ll look like a hero to your boss)
  • The perfect” 1-2 punch” your competitors aren’t using that’ll generate more registrations vs. your current method…
  • …And much much more!

(This briefing ran for about 25 minutes. Also, this was not a veiled sales pitch. This was a purely educational briefing that’ll help you get more people to your events.)

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About Kevin Hill: Kevin Hill is a professional copywriter and marketing strategist who has been creating marketing materials for events since 2005.

His latest achievement was creating promotional materials for a virtual seminar that had 320 attendees and generates 1.2 million dollars in revenue.

He is passionate about helping others get more people to events in light of what’s been happening in the world over the past few years.

He lives in the Boise, Idaho metropolitan area and loves to play golf, spend time with his wife, and take care of their two fur babies (a Yorkie and a calico cat).