The Mailing That Got Me A 921% ROI (And A Small Favor)

Most of my copywriting work comes through referrals and people who come across my website.  Also through meeting people at seminars.

However, lately I’ve been testing some direct mail campaigns to targeted lists within my industry.

The portion of the letter I’m going to show you was part of a mailing sequence.  It was the 3rd letter I sent out to these people, and it got the biggest response from any of the previous mailings.

Here’s the top of the letter:


And here’s why it worked well:

  1. The letter had personalization.  The previous letters I sent out were just “boilerplate” letters with no personalization at all.  I took the time to personalize each of these letters this time around. You simply cannot beat having the prospect’s name screaming at them at the top of the letter.
  2. I send an obvious “grabber” in the letter that prospects couldn’t miss.  Some marketers will send out a penny, aspirin, or other grabbers that aren’t really discernible through an envelope when they come in the mail.  This one included a pencil and a pencil sharpener that made it obvious there was something in the envelope…thus guaranteeing a high open rate.
  3. Most of the mailing included testimonials.  I included a testimonial sheet with specific results I was able to get with other clients. It’s always more powerful to have other people brag about you then you can about yourself.

The first two mailings did “OK” (got my costs back basically) but this one brought in 9x the money I invested in the mailing.

Would you like me to send you the entire mailing?  Simply leave a comment below, and I’ll send it to the email you entered in the form below.  That way you can see how I “tied in” the pencil grabber into the mailing.

And while you’re at it, if you can “like” my Facebook page here, that would be great.  You can see it here: Kevin Hill Copy.   it’s work in progress, but it’s a start.


Kevin Hill

“The Professor of High Response”

How To Easily Add Benefits To Your Sales Piece

I get all kinds of junk mail.

A long time ago, I purposely bought several information products so I can be on their lists and get their mail on purpose.

Boardroom, Agora…you name it, I’m on it.

One of these is Nightingale-Conant. The other day they sent me a mailer promoting the Sedona Method.

They had the usual sales letter and order form. But there was one sheet they included…it’s below:

It basically outlined 11 ways the Sedona Method can help you accelerate your progress. I thought it was great for 2 reasons:



  1. It portrayed the benefits prospects would get with the Sedona Method. When writing copy you cannot just leave it to the prospect to “figure it out” for themselves when it comes to benefits. You have to pain pictures in your prospect’s mind and tell them what’s in it for them!
  2. It listed the benefits in bulleted form. Opening a direct mail envelope is like opening a package. That’s why in the age of the Internet most of the big companies like Boardroom, Agora and Nightingale Conant are still sending direct mail. And this was a perfect addition to the sales letter because it cut right to the point and told the prospect “what’s in it for them!”

So are you tuning into the radio station “What’s in it for them” (WIIFM) in your copy? Adding a numbered list like this is a perfect place to start. You can either mail this out in a direct mail package, or stick it in the middle of a sales letter.

Talk soon,

Kevin Hill, Direct Response Copywriter

“The Professor of High Response”

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