The Most Important Copywriting Secret I’ve EVER Revealed!

In this post I’m going to reveal to you where most copywriters and marketers fall short when it comes to writing copy.  And that’s this:

Telling what their product or service is going to DO for them!

Nobody purchases a “make money online” course just to make money online.  Money is just a stack of paper.  What they’re really buying is what the money is going to DO for them.

It’s all about the benefits.  What money is going to DO for them.  For example, having more money is going to allow the prospect to pay the bills.  To get rid of debt.  To take care of that car payment.

Money will also give them more freedom.  If you have $2 million dollars in the bank it will absolve a lot of stress and the actions you would take in life would be a lot different than if you were $40,000 in debt.

See where this is going?  It’s very important to illustrate the benefits of your product/service.   And here’s how I do it:

I use “word pictures” in my copy.   You don’t want to TELL them how they’re going to benefit, you want to SHOW them.  I was rewriting an existing sales letter last week and the previous copywriter just TOLD then what they’re going to experience when they go to a particular seminar:

“You’re going to experience a lot of certainty and autonomy in your business.”

Blah.   That’s OK, but it’s better to say something like this:

“Imagine being able to predict how many clients you’ll be able to attract 6-12 months from now—instead of waking up at 2 in the morning with a cold sweat…wondering how you’re going to make payroll next month?” 

See how this is much more compelling?  I’m SHOWING them the benefits of the product…instead of TELLING them.

Here’s another little secret: Very often people don’t want to make money just to make money.  Perhaps they want to annihilate a competitor…or perhaps they want to show up that in-law they see every Thanksgiving who secretly wants them to fail.

I was at an Unleash Your Power Within seminar last weekend (Tony Robbins seminar) and a member of Tony’s team was pitching their Business Mastery course. He didn’t just talk about “making more money”…he talked about having the ability to take care of their family and to NOT spend time working 18 hours per day at a computer.    This was very effective and pulled at the heartstrings at males in the audience.

Here’s another example: Dave Dee of GKIC was pitching the Ultimate Lead Generation Machine last fall in front of 1000+ people on a Google Hangout.  He talked about the usual benefits of the course: more leads, more business, and more sales.  But orders literally started pouring in when he said the following (paraphrasing):

“Imagine what it will be like to take your kids to the soccer team, go on a night out with your spouse, or hang out with friends and be “mentally present”…and NOT worry about your business?” 

So think about how your prospect is going to benefit from your product/service the next time you write a piece of copy.  Never assume the prospect will “get it” or “figure it out” for themselves—you have to SHOW them how they’re going to benefit.

Doing this will put you head and shoulders over your competition and other copywriters.

Take care,

Kevin Hill


How A Tony Robbins Representative Got $300 Out Of Me–And I Enjoyed Every Single Minute Of It!

So I am going to Tony Robbin’s “Unleash Your Power Within” event in Chicago next month. I purchased tickets a couple weeks ago via his website–right before the next price hike hit for registration.

I paid $695 for a “General Admission” ticket. However, the next day after ordering, I got a phone call from a rep from Tony Robbins with “important information I need to know before I go to the event.”

I knew there would be a pitch coming…or some kind of an upsell. I really enjoyed being sold…and since I do this for a living, I always like to learn from other salespeople. And Tony Robbins has some of the best salespeople out there.

Anyway, after the rapport-building stage (he asked me where I was from…we immediately bonded since we both have Idaho ties) he then pitched the “VIP” upgrade.

Oh…here comes the pitch”…I thought to myself. I was happy with my “general admission” ticket until he commenced to tell me that the VIP attendees get closer to the stage where they can see Tony in person…instead of way back in the “general admission” area where I would more than likely need to watch him on a screen.

“No big deal” I thought to myself. But then he got me when he said this:

“When you go to a ballgame or a concert, you have a better experience when you’re sitting up close to the action…then you are in the “cheap seats”, right?

“The people that are closer to the action have more “energy” and are generally more enthusiastic. I mean, you’re paying all that money to come–so why not have the best experience possible?”

This is what sold me. I have been to concerts and ballgames where I was both in the “cheap seats” and the front row. And I had a infinitely greater time when I was closer to the action. Unleash The Power Within” is basically like a rock concert from what other people have told me.

Basically what he did was use an analogy I would relate to…that I would agree to…and say “Yes” to…to make me believe that I would have a better experience at the event if I sat closer to the stage as a VIP member.

The VIP upgrade was an extra $300 which I gladly paid. We’ll see on July 22nd when I fly to Chicago and see if the $300 upgrade was worth it.

So when pitching your product or service, always use analogies you know your prospects will “agree” with in their minds so you can get them to believe what you want to believe. You want them to always be saying “Yes” in their minds…and in person if you’re doing a face-to-face presentation.

Here’s another example:

When selling coaching programs, I always mention that even professional athletes like Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Brady need coaching…even though they’ve been playing their particular sport their entire lives.

Almost anybody will agree to this in their heads…most people have watched a sporting event in their lives. That gets my target audience to say “Yes “in their minds–since I want my prospect to believe that coaching is important and they need it…which is critical to the sale.

Stories are very powerful too. The Tony Robbins salesman could have told a story of one attendee who sat in General Admission and had a “so-so” time…and the next time he/she came to the event…they sat in VIP and had a better time. This would have had an equal effect.

So think of stories and analogies you can use to get your customers, clients, or patients to “believe” what you need them so they’ll buy from you.  Nothing shady about this, by the way. It’s best to use stories and analogies most people can relate to…everyday stuff that has more than likely happened in their lives.

I hope this helps you sell more in your copy.

Kevin Hill

“The Professor of High Response”

P.S. I’m looking forward to doing the “firewalk” too. 🙂

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