“Let Me Create Your Webinar For You So You Can (Finally) Check It Off Your Tasklist”

Kevin is a master when it comes to creating webinars or high-end selling presentations. If you get a chance to get on his schedule, do it!

Russell Brunson – www.clickfunnels.com


It’s no secret that webinars are very powerful when it comes to boosting your sales and attracting leads. 

But the big problem is they’ve very complicated and can take months to create. 

Plus they’re extremely easy to botch up…

…not just in presenting the webinar, but also in getting the “techy” stuff figured out. 

Meanwhile, your competitors are running circles around you with their webinars and selling presentations…

…and you feel like you’re left behind!

Here’s How I Can Help
With Your Webinar:

I’ll create your webinar for you that includes: 

  • Webinar slides 
  • Webinar script (if needed) 
  • “Hot” title for your webinar that’ll make people want to join 
  • Email follow-up sequence for people who registered/didn’t register
  • Emails to invite people to the webinar
  • Anything else you need to make your webinar a success! 

16 Years Of “Home Runs”
Creating Webinars And Presentations


Webinars And “One To Many” Sales Presentations Created


Dollars Generated Through Webinars I Created


Happy Clients Served 


Clients Who Hire Me For Repeat Projects

Kevin is a master when it comes to creating webinars or high-end selling presentations. If you get a chance to get on his schedule, do it!

Kristi Joba – Future Force LLC

Yep, I Actually Practice What I Preach: 

Here’s A Clip Of One Of My Presentations That Sold 65 Copies Of My $497 Product!

Here’s How We’ll Work Together:

  1. We’ll have a kickoff call where we’ll discuss your goals for your webinar or long-form selling presentation
  2. You give me all the assets you have (testimonials, case studies, etc.) for your webinar 
  3. I’ll get to work and create all the assets you need to give a rockin’ webinar or presentation 
  4. You’ll review everything and let me know if any tweaks are needed (I’m pretty good at nailing it the first time, so this step may not be necessary) 
  5. You do the happy dance knowing you can check webinar creation off your to-do list (optional)

I will not hassle you over and over again throughout the webinar creation process. This project will be “hands off” so you can focus on other areas of your business!

So If You Want To Avoid:

  • Wasting weeks and months downloading free templates and trying to “model” other people’s presentations 
  • That fear that your webinar is going to bomb because you tried to Frankenstein together a webinar all by yourself 
  • Just “putting off” the webinar because you don’t have time to do it, or you don’t want to hassle with it.

Go Here To Contact Me So We Can Have A
Friendly Chat About Your Webinar

(I promise I won’t hard sell or pressure you. It’s just a friendly conversation where you can ask all the questions you want so you can make an informed decision.)

Kevin was a huge asset to use when he wrote a couple of promotions for us. He’s a guy that really knows his stuff and I highly recommend hiring him. 

Clayton Makepeace – Agora Publishing