Important Copywriting And Marketing Lessons From A Loaf Of Bread?

I love bread.

I used to eat the white, bleached-out stuff like Wonder bread when I was a kid. But then I smartened up and started eating whole-grain bread.

However, there’s one brand of bread that I’ve been buying for the past year.  It’s not cheap, but it’s very good.

It’s Dave’s Killer Bread.  Not all stores carry it.  It’s an organic bread that’s usually $4 per loaf.

What’s cool about this bread is it implements an important copywriting and marketing lesson you should be using for your business.

If you look on the back, it tells the story of Dave Dahl…an ex-con who has reformed his ways and now wants to make the world a better place “one loaf at a time”:

Dave Dahl tells his story on the back of every loaf of Dave's Killer Bread


Nowadays I always buy Dave’s Killer Bread whenever I go into the grocery store.  For three reasons:

  1. I connected immediately with Dave’s story. Dave tells the typical “rags to riches” story that always piques people’s interest. Look at most good sales letters and there’s always a great “rags to riches story.
  2. Dave’s story has forever “stuck” in my mind every time I buy bread.  Since I connected with Dave’s story, I always head on over to the organic aisle and buy his bread–over the other “run-of-the-mill” brands.
  3. I always recommend Dave’s Killer Bread to everyone.  Since they did such a great job creating awareness of their bread. I always recommend it to people when asked.

Would I have done this with any other brand of bread?  Probably not.  Dave has done such a great job of creating a memorable brand that makes his bread stand out among the many other brands.

So how can you make yourself memorable in your marketplace?  Think of ways you can stand out in your market.  It could be through a compelling story or an unique experience you’ve had.

Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of mixing in with the crowd.

Until next time,

Kevin Hill – Direct Response Copywriter

“The Professor of High Response”


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  • Garrett Pierson Jan 20, 2012 @ 19:09

    Amazing story Kevin and a great copywriting tip, thanks for sharing.

    I am not a ex-con but I am sure I can find my own unique story to share.

    • Kevin Jan 30, 2012 @ 19:33

      Thanks Garrett! Yes you don’t have to be an ex-con….any story that is unconventional will always get people’s attention! 🙂

  • brian stephens Jan 29, 2012 @ 22:40

    I love this Kevin. I actually went to the guys website where he tells his story on video. Wow, I can see what you mean. His story and the man himself draw you in. Very compelling. Stories can make all the difference.

    • Kevin Jan 30, 2012 @ 19:32

      Thanks Brian! He’ll probably be the first person to pop into your mind when you’re in the store buying bread. 🙂

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