How To Make Sure Your Copy “Flows” Perfectly

One of the things I see a lot when I critique copy is it doesn’t have a very good “flow”. The sentences are too long, there aren’t any breaks in paragraphs, and it’s written like an English professor wrote it.

This is very common. We have been taught to be grammatically correct and to write like Ernest Hemingway and other authors we read in high school.  If we started a sentence with “And…” we would get “minus 5 points” on our term papers.

You have to throw out all those rules when it comes to copywriting. You have to write like people talk…in a conversational manner.

And people do not talk in complete sentences and with perfect grammar.

One thing I tell people to do is to read the copy out loud to yourself. Pretend you are talking to your prospect at a bar or restaurant.

What will happen is you will notice parts of the copy that does not “flow” correctly. It will not sound very conversational and it will sound like you are reading from an English term paper.

If possible, try to read the copy to someone in your target market. Someone that will actually buy from you.

Here’s the secret: if they tell you:

“(insert your name), this is written very well! Nice job!”

…then you need to rewrite the letter.

But if they tell you:

“(insert your name), where can I get this product?”

…then you know you have a winner!

So after you write a piece of copy, read it out loud to yourself, or to someone else preferably in your own market.  If there are sections of the sales letter you stumble on when reading, then that section needs to be rewritten.

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