“Let Me Do The ‘Heavy Lifting’ For You When It Comes To Ensuring Your Copy Team Is Producing Top-Notch Work For Your Clients…”

  • Client doesn’t like the copy? Let me work with your copy team while you focus on other things in your business. 

  • Need revisions? I can handle the “back and forth” with your copy team while you take a Friday afternoon off for a change. 

  • Stumped on how to position the copy? Let me handle it with your copy team while you do what you love in your agency.

  • Copy team underperforming? Let me “train them up” so you can focus on getting clients to join your agency.

In other words, I’ll handle all the “rough stuff” so you can concentrate on growing your agency. 


And I guarantee I’ll help you make over $150,000 worth of extra revenue (or saved time and headaches) in your agency over the next 12 months or you’ll get a prorated refund!  


Kevin is a top-notch copywriter! What’s great about Kevin is he is also a great copywriting teacher. I have him teach my students who pay up to $17K for my programs.

If you have a chance to have Kevin train your copy team, then don’t hesitate. Take it!

–Josh Marsden – ARM5Formula.com

Dear Friend, 

Let’s face it…

Running an agency can get crazy sometimes. 

You have to deal with multiple clients, and they all have different expectations. 

Plus it can be tough to get the copy done for your clients at the right price…

…so that clients are happy.

Sure, you can hire programmers, graphic designers, and project managers…

But Getting Good Copy Done For Your
Agency And Clients Can Be A Pain In The Butt! 

First of all, it’s hard to find qualified copywriters that can get the job done right. 

Very often, the copy comes back wrong and you have to go back and forth to tweak. 

And when you give the copy to the client, they’ll want tons of revisions as well. 

Plus there’s a BIG problem with hiring copywriters and the copywriting agency in general. 

I outline the big problem here (some “copywriters” might be offended!) 

All this diverts your focus toward your copywriting team and making sure clients are happy…

…when it should be focused on big-picture stuff in your agency. 

Things like: 

  • Bringing more high-end clients to your agency…
  • Adding more people to your team so you can scale…
  • Increasing revenue per account…
  • Getting rid of bottlenecks that choke your growth…

And making sure your clients are happy and will keep hiring you again and again.

I Can Take The Burden Of Making Sure Your
Clients Are Happy With Your Clients Off Your Shoulders

Here’s the skinny…

The program is called Agency Copywriting Accelerator and it’s designed to up-level your copy team. 

Your team can “borrow” from my 15 years of copywriting experience and…

  • Handle the toughest projects with my help so your clients are happy.
  • Coach them through revisions so you can focus on other areas of your agency
  • Get better and better with every critique and coaching session so they’ll become greater assets for your agency 

Over time, your copywriting team will improve and they’ll help you build your agency for years to come. 

This will free you from having to be “hands-on” with your copywriting team…

…just let me work with them, relax and focus on moving the big rocks to grow your agency. 

I had Kevin handle a lot of important tasks when I was doing “done for you” work with clients. In fact, I officially had Kevin manage the projects for me so I can focus on other aspects of my business.

If you just want to set it and forget it when it comes to copywriting for your agency, then Kevin is your man.

— Russell Brunson – www.clickfunnels.com

Here’s how I’ll work with your team:

Component #1:
Weekly Group Q&A Calls To Help Your
Team Get Over The “Rocks” That Hold Them Back 

These are group calls with other copywriters where your team can ask any question they want. 

Stuck on a campaign? The client just requested a revision? 

Your team can come to the weekly calls and get 1-on-1 help from me. 

Here’s how I’ll work with members of your team: 

Can’t make any of the weekly calls? 

No problem.

 A video recording will be made available in your Member’s area. 

Component #2:
Private Forum Where They 
Can Ask Any Question They Want And Learn From Others

There’s also a private forum where Members can get help as well. 

This allows your team to “reach out” in between weekly calls if something urgent is needed. 

They’ll also get to learn from other copywriters who are asking questions about their campaigns. 

Because one of the things I’ve learned after 15 years is this…

There are only a handful of common
problems I see when it comes to copy. 

Seeing other copywriters get feedback can prevent your copywriters from making the same mistakes. 

This accelerates learning and helps your copywriters get up to speed in no time. 

Many times, I’ll actually write or dictate copy right in the forum or during one of the 1-on-1 sessions. It depends on the question or problem posed.

So, depending on the question, I’ll actually do the changes I suggest, not just tell your team to magically remember my suggestions and implement them later! 

Component #3: FREE Admission To CopyConTM LIVE And Other Events – Both In Person And Virtual 

There will be two events per year your team can attend for free. 

CopyConTM 2021 is a copywriting workshop where we discussed advanced copywriting and conversion techniques…

…no “how to write a headline” or “how to use power words” instruction here. 

This is a three-day event where I teach high-level copywriting tips that include: 

  • How to make your product stand out from the competition (nope, we’re not talking about a USP like most people here.) 
  • How to legally – and ethically – hijack the free will of your target market so they’ll buy from you (make sure you use this for the powers of good, not evil!)
  • The secret to resonating your copy with your prospect so that they go, “Dang, they know more about me than I know about myself! (this accelerates the buying process)
  • Advanced influence and persuasion techniques that get your target audience to bond with you…and continue to buy from you. 
  • ...and much much more!

So we’re not talking about how to write pretty headlines, bullets, or P.Ss. 

No elementary stuff here. 

We’re talking about advanced copywriting and persuasion techniques that’ll put your team on another level. 

I have 400M worth of sales behind me to testify these techniques work. 

And they’ve worked for me for the past 15+ years. 

This power will be transferred to your team through CopyConTM 2021 (which will take place in September)…

…an event that will provide the immersive environment for these advanced techniques to sink in.

Component #4: A Physical And Digital
Copy Of Effortless Copywriting Templates 

Consider this to be a “copywriting crash course” you can give to your team. 

And consider this to be a “must-read” for any new writer who joins your team. 

My Effortless Copywriting Templates course breaks down the complicated copywriting process into simple steps. 

This is where I go deep into the proprietary EF5 conversion formula I’ve used to generate 400M in sales. 

[insert member’s area] 

And don’t worry. Your team won’t have to sit through hours and hours of videos. 

(I mean, they’re supposed to be writing copy for YOU, right?)  

The entire system is covered in 5 1-hour lessons, along with transcripts. 

They’ll get examples of each component they can swipe as well. 

This will get your team up to speed immediately outside the 1-on-1 calls and the forum.

Agency Copywriting Accelerator Will Give
You And Your Copywriting Team An “Unfair Advantage”

Look, we all know that nothing gets sold unless the copy gets written. 

And copywriting is one of the hardest skills in the world to master. 

Agency Copywriting Secrets will allow you to piggyback on my vast experience you can read about here. (link to story). 

I’ve seen practically every type of copy and have solved every copywriting problem possible. 

In fact, I’ve probably solved your current copywriting problem or issue at least 100x times. 

Agency Copywriting Secrets will help you uplevel your copywriting team so you don’t have to mess with it. 

I can help you check the “copywriting” checkbox off your list so you can focus on other stuff. 

Maybe you prefer to do the big picture planning and execution to grow your agency. 

Perhaps you love onboarding clients. 

Or maybe you’d like to go home on a Friday early for a change…

…and you don’t have to deal with another copywriting question or dissatisfied client that’s dissatisfied with their copy. 

I can be “the guy” that can make it happen for you!

Agency Copywriting Accelerator Is Worth $100,000 Since Copywriting Is Such A Critical Part Of Your Agency…


You know the value of your time. 

It’s probably at least $1000 to $2000/hour. 

How about if I help you gain at least 30 hours over the next 12 months where you’re…

  • NOT dealing with copywriting revisions
  • NOT hearing a client grumble about bad copy from your agency
  • NOT pulling your hair out of your head because your copy team needs help 
  • NOT worrying about copywriting at all…just what you love to do in your business

That’s almost $30,000 to $60,000 worth of your time!

Not to mention not having to go through the trouble of replacing a member of your copy team…

…just because they’re not up to snuff. 

I can train them on your behalf and help them with your copy…

…so you can get better production and ROI from your copy team. 

Plus trying to replace your whole team can get pretty darn expensive. 

And it could cost you $100,000+ or more in lost wages, time, and headaches…

…if you hire the wrong person. 

So a program like this would be worth at least $75,000 to $100,000 since it can: 

  • Help you generate copy that gets results, and your clients will “stay on” for (meaning more money in your pocket) 
  • Lead to more word of mouth and referrals from your happy clients. You’ll get known as “the place” people can go to get their copy done right
  • Give you more time and less headaches dealing with client revisions and training your copy team (let me do all the “rough stuff” for you!)

But If You Won’t Have To
Invest $100,000 If You Qualify Today: 

You won’t have to invest $70,000, $50,000 or even $30,000. 

Agency Copywriting Accelerator is only $25,000 (only $14,000 for a limited time). 

You can also invest $4000 upfront and 12 payments of $1000 each for a total of $16,000. 

It’s a great investment since you could get that investment back with just one client. 

And, broken out monthly, we’re only talking about $1500/month…

…which is a small investment, especially if your agency is pulling in a decent amount of revenue. 

 Plus it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than hiring a new member of your copywriting team…

…which can range between $50,000 to 70,000+ year and up. 

Or trying to get someone like me to give up their pursuits to work part or full time. 

We’re starting to get into six-figure territory here!

In fact, I’m so confident I can be your new right-hand guy that…

I’ll Help You Make At Least $150,000 In The Next
12 Months, Or I’ll Give You A Pro-Rated Refund! 

This is where it gets good.

Now the $150,000K doesn’t have to be direct revenue earned from my help. 

It could be $150,000K worth of time saved going back and forth about copy hassles…

…depending on how much you charge for your time per hour. 

It also could be $150,000 worth of headaches you don’t have to trade for…

…since you finally have a “go-to” guy that can solve your team’s most vexing copywriting problems. 

Because look, I get it. 

I’ve been a part of high ticket programs where I didn’t get the value I paid for. 

I’ve been left high and dry and “screwed over” many times. 

And I’m sure you have, too. 

So here’s the deal:

If I don’t help you generate at least $150,000 worth of value (it could be direct revenue, time savings, lack of hassle with revisions, etc) then I will give you a prorated refund. 

This means if I only help you earn $100,000, then that’s 2/3rds the guarantee and I owe you a 33% refund. The refund amount will be commensurate with the total profits. 

(See how that works?) 

This outrageous guarantee gives you an “out” in case you’re not getting the results you desire. 

And I can make this crazy guarantee because that’s how confident I am that you’ll get results. 

Plus I don’t know you and I don’t know your specific situation…

…but you’ll more than likely be able to add 2x, 3x, 5x…even 10x that. 

That’s the power that putting words on a website, mailing or video that convinces people to fork over their money can make. 

I’ve done it for many clients and agencies over my 15+ year career. 

And I’d like yours to be next!

Oh, and one more thing:

Hot Copy Is A Surefire Way To Ensure Your
Clients Will Stick With You, And Never Leave You! 

Being able to churn out winning promotions will cause your clients to stick with you. 

(I mean, why would they leave you in the first place if you’re getting results, right?) 

That means less time for you to constantly hustle to find new ones…

…to replace the ones you lost. 

And that means more certainty and stability in your agency since you don’t have to ride the client rollercoaster. 

You’ll also be able to upgrade your clients to higher packages that are more copy intensive…

…now that you have this newfound capability in your agency. 

Here’s more info about this: 

So think of Agency Copywriting Secrets as the ultimate retention strategy you can lean on…

…and remember, you don’t have to do any of the work yourself! 

Just lean on me and let me do all the “rough stuff” while you focus on other stuff in your agency.

Imagine The Thrill Of Being Able To Check
The “Copywriting” Part Of Your Agency Off Your List…

That’s more headspace and time you could be spending on other areas of your agency…

…the areas that you love.  

Agency Copywriting Secrets will help you get there. 

Yes, copywriting and marketing has given me a life that would have been impossible a mere 15+ years ago. 

(Want to read about it? Go here.) 

And yes, the profession of copywriting can be very lucrative. 

However, my big thrill is helping people get over their marketing problems…

…and generate copy that their clients will love. 

In fact, one of my biggest thrills is when someone asks me a copywriting or marketing question that I know the answer to.

And, when I give my answer, I can see the light bulbs go off in their heads. 

I can see the breakthroughs happen when their eyes start to open wide…

…and they start to thank me profusely for helping them out. 

That’s a bigger thrill than any big copywriting project I’ve ever closed…

…any “big win” I’ve achieved as a professional copywriter and marketing strategist. 

That’s the passion I’ll bring to the table
when you join Agency Copywriting Accelerator.


Because I don’t want 15+ years of experience, know-how, and strategies to die on my lips. 

My mission is to help at least 10,000 people grow amazing agencies and businesses thanks to my strategies. 

That will satisfy me more than anything than any monetary reward or material accomplishment. 

Because I want to go to my grave knowing I helped a bunch of people…

…vs. simply as “a guy” who made a lot of money and was successful in his own right. 

So this isn’t about a “moneymaker” for me. 

This is a pride of passion, and I look forward to having you take part in it!

So click on the button below to see if you qualify for Agency Copywriting Secrets. 

I look forward to helping you!


Kevin Hill
Direct Response Copywriter 

P.S. Imagine how good it will feel to let “someone else” handle the copywriting problems in your agency, while you focus on the big stuff? Let my 15+ years of experience help you. Go below to apply today. 

P.P.S. One more thing, it’s important. I’ll also throw in 2 “SOS” calls per year. This is when your team will be able to schedule 1-on-1 time with me for 30 minutes on the house. Just another way I look forward to helping you as part of Agency Copywriting Accelerator.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Agency Copywriting Accelerator: 

Q: Can I get on the weekly calls too? 

A: Of course! You can get on the calls as well. 

Q: How long does the program last? 

A: The program lasts for 12 months, and there’s an option to renew at the end of the year. 

Q: What if my team cannot make each of the calls? 

A: No worries, there will be a replay and transcript posted 24-48 hours after the call 

Q: What results should I expect? 

That depends on the skills of your copywriter/team. 

If you’re already doing well, then at least a $150,000 per year boost is possible. 

Not too bad for the $14,000 investment in the Program!

Think about it…

You can hire 1-2 more people for your team. 

That’s also more overhead you can use to reinvest in your agency. 

And more you can use to gain more freedom if you’re already tied up in your agency. 

Plus you’ll also get to sleep better at night you’re not mired in endless revisions. 

And that your clients are happy that you’re cranking out consistent copy for them. 

That means they’ll want to stick with you longer and longer. 

So, it’s not just the monetary results…

…but also the peace of mind that you finally have someone to rely on to relieve your team’s copywriting hassles.  

Q: Can I use your help with my internal projects relative to my agency? 

A: Sure! You’re not limited to getting help with client copywriting projects. Internal projects are fair game too. 

Q: Why should I trust you? 

A: I’ve been working as an agency copywriter off and on for the past 15+ years. 

I get the struggling agency owners to go through to get the copy done for their agency on a good budget. 

And I have a proven track record of “big wins” you can read about here

(Plus, I’m a pretty nice guy and easy to work with. 

(That’s what they tell me anyway. :)) 

Apply Here To Join Agency
Copywriting Accelerator!