A Really Neat Tool That Can Help You With The Readability Of Your Copy

Let’s face it…

There are times when I have a big deadline coming up and I need to crank out copy ASAP.

(In fact, one of my retained clients is famous for creating “last minute” projects).


So, there are many times when I forget a very important maxim when it comes to writing copy:

You Have To Write Like
People Talk, And In Short Sentences.

They say you need to write at a 6th-grade level when it comes to writing copy.

Short. Sweet. To the point. No fluff or filler.

I know there are a lot of copywriters who plug their copy into Microsoft Word and judge the grade level of their copy.

However, I don’t use Word, but there’s another tool that I use.

It’s called Hemingway Editor and it’s a really neat tool. You can check out their site here: Hemingway Editor.

Here’s a video that describes it:

What’s great about Hemingway Editor is it checks your copy and makes sure you’re not writing long sentences.

It also checks to see if you’re using a lot of adjectives and other “fluffy” language.

And it recommends where you can shore things up and create copy that’s short and to the point.

This is a tool I use a lot, and is helpful as a quick “double-check” for my copy.

Do I use it as gospel. 

No, I don’t.

There are times when the tool flags a sentence as “too long” when it’s only one word too long.

I tend to ignore those.

But I use it as a good double-check if I’m in a hurry and my sentences are getting a little too long.

Then, I can run my copy through the tool and make any adjustments.

That said,

I’ve Been Doing This For 15+ Years, So I Know How To Make Sentences Short And Punchy

But, like anyone, there are times when I need a little assistance.

Oh, one more thing…

I highly recommend purchasing the actual app that’s only 20 bucks.

Sure, there’s the free version you can use when you go to their website.

But you’ll want to ultimately spring for the real thing.

Very helpful, and I highly recommend it.



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