4 Cool Ethical Bribes You Can Use To Build Your List

I write a lot of copy and work with many clients. Most of the time they don’t have a strong list-building component in their marketing…and I end up helping them create a marketing plan that allows them to start building a list.

You see, most marketers just shoot for getting that $27-dollar ebook sale…or that $197 course sale right off the bat.  They ignore the importance of building a prospect list you can market to again and again.

Anyway, here are 4 things you can use as “ethical bribes” to get people to opt-in to your list.  They go way beyond the usual “Free Report” or “Free E-course” everyone else offers. I personally feel these are losing their effectiveness as lead-generators online as everyone and their dog is using them.

1) Offer An Enticing Video

It’s no secret…video is becoming popular.
 And most people would rather view video content than a PDF that’ll sit on their hard drive collecting digital dust.

In most cases, video has a higher perceived  value than a free report or a free e-course. This alone could boost your opt-ins if you’re already using the former.

2) Create A Hard-Hitting Checklist

This could be extremely effective in most markets.
You basically create a simple checklist that’s no longer than 3-4 pages that your prospects can easily consume.

For example, if I were in the dating market and wanted to build a list of people interested in getting a date online, I would create a checklist prospects can easily mark off when creating their online profile so they don’t make any mistakes.

A checklist is also something prospects can get immediate value from, since they’ll recognize things they left out.  They’ll get several “a-ha” moments while going through the checklist…which will further position you as an expert in their minds.

Finally, checklists are easy to consume. One can easily go through a checklist in a minute or so…whereas going through a free report or e-course would take much longer…and would take more effort.

3) Give Away A Free Audio


Many people are busy these days and would prefer to listen to content on their iDevices while they’re driving, doing housework, or walking.

You can easily create a short 10-minute audio describing 7 important tips your market would be interested in discovering. The best part is all you have to do is download a free program such as Audacity to record the audio.

4) Generate A Cheatsheet

This kinda goes hand-in-hand with the checklist idea above, but you can easily create a cheatsheet that’s only 1 page you can give to your prospects after they join your list.

A great example is Perry Marshall’s site…he’s been giving away an Adwords cheatsheet for years on his site here: Google AdWords Cheatsheet.

Think about your own market…is there a way you can create a cheatsheet that’ll help your prospects?

Anyway, I hope these ideas help you out.    The key is to make all the above extremely valuable to the prospect–that they’ll want to consume them again and again.  After all, this is how you start to build the relationship with your list and it’s important to start off with a bang.

Until next time,

Kevin Hill

“The Professor of High Response”


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  • Don Roberts Oct 20, 2011 @ 0:57

    What perfect timing. I was struggling with a report that I was writing for a new list. But, the checklist idea is just the ticket…and turned a struggle into a breeze. Thanks!

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