This Could Be The Greatest Direct Response Website Ever!

Hi gang.  Check out this awesome website at

It’s from Ed O’ Keefe.  Any Dan Kennedy followers out there have probably heard of him. He sells info-products that help dentists market themselves.

Anyway, I outlined several things that REALLY makes this website siphon leads and sales. I know I’ll be implementing these things into my own website.

Check out the video:

I know I mentioned I was going to cover “5 points”, but I got a little carried away in the video. So bear with me.

Going through “website envy” right now…

Kevin Hill

“The Professor of High Response”

2 Comments on “This Could Be The Greatest Direct Response Website Ever!

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Great analysis! Great idea to have the blurb right on top of the site and the free report AND CD!

    I noticed the actual sales letter copy was a very short compared to the usual long letter copy.

    That really struck me. What are your thoughts on determining long vs. short?

    As a Dan Kennedy student, I would imagine Ed tested the heck out of it.


  2. Hello Alan,

    Thanks for the comment! I would classify this as his “branding” or “brochure” site with many navigation options that necessarily doesn’t require long copy.

    Plus he’s pushing his freebie at the end of the copy…which doesn’t require long copy as he’s only asking for name and email address.

    I always save the long stuff for individual product pages where there’s only one option…to buy. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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