The #1 Word You Should NEVER Use In Copy (Yet Most People Use It!)

Hi gang.

In this quick video, I describe the #1 word you should never use in copy.

It’s a word most copywriters and marketers use…yet should be absolved from your marketing vocabulary.

Here’s the video:

I hope this was helpful and talk soon!

Kevin Hill

“The Professor Of High Response”

4 Comments on “The #1 Word You Should NEVER Use In Copy (Yet Most People Use It!)

  1. Kevin. That is awesome stuff! I always LEARN … I mean DISCOVER something new from your short, copy-teaching videos. Keep the good stuff coming Brother.

    CoolAromas on the WF.

  2. I work in education facilitating songwriting workshops and teachers use the word learn a lot. I know they know the word learn means effort and pain so from now on I’m changing my word to Discover. It makes so much sense to me and thank you for this insight.

    John Bennetts
    Music Media Tribe

  3. Hi John, you’ve very welcome. I know using “Discover” will help making your teaching lessons seem less painless 🙂

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