“One Of The Best Copywriters Out There!”

“Kevin is one of the best copywriters out there! He was my copywriter for 4 years and was responsible for a lion’s share of my profits. Not only is he an awesome copywriter, but he’s also a marketing master. So if you want a boost of profits, hire Kevin now!”

Russell Brunson

“Made $52,000 in 48 Hours!”

michael“Kevin’s an awesome copywriter! I’ve hired him numerous times to write copy for me—and am blown away at the amount of money his copy siphons into my bank account on a daily basis.

The first letter I had him write for me raked in $52,000 in 48 hours and made Offline WSO of the Day. It did so well I had him write me another sales letter that made $80,300 in 5 months. Oh, and that one made Offline WSO of the day too!

So if you have a chance to learn copywriting under Kevin–or just hire him to write your copy–you cannot go wrong. He has my highest endorsement!”

Michael X

“Beat 6 Other Copywriters In A Split Test!”

alignleft"“Kevin’s copy sucks in cash like a vacuum on steroids! I held a copywriting contest a few years back and his sales letter outconverted 6 others in a split-test contest…some written by established copywriters. And what’s amazing is he told me that was the first promotion he’d ever written! Get on his schedule now!”

‘Million Dollar’ Mike Morgan,

“Increased My Conversion Rate By 6 Percent!”

“Hi Kevin, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for your copywriting, coaching,
and consulting that you did for me. It was invaluable and you truly helped me a lot with my new business “How To Write A Book” and it really helped me with my webinar.

Specifically, it was a huge help and in the sense that you plug some holes that I left out…and to be honest all the suggestions that you gave me increased my conversion rate by 6 percent! Investing on your program was the best that I could do and I look forward to work with you in the future.

Anybody that is looking working with Kevin do it and do it now, because he is amazing at what he does. He is truly the professor of copywriting. So thank you Kevin!

Also just so you’ll know one of my favorite things about your coaching was that you recorded the calls. I love going back and listening to all the suggestions and all of your coaching–so those recorded calls are just amazing. The other thing is you were truly present there with me and you helped me learn about copywriting that I didn’t know. They’ve changed my life and changed my business. So thank you so much Kevin I appreciate all that you’ve done for me!

Garrett Pierson

“Beat Our Revenue Goal By 40%!”

“Even with a glitch in infusion that messed up orders for international buyers (which usually account for 25% – 30% of our buyers) we had over 18k in revenue from Ninja Funnels. We also were only able to promote it for two days because of other promotions. Finally, they bought through an ugly infusionsoft web page I set up because our web team is swamped. Still we beat our revenue goal by over 40%! Keep up the good work!”

Mike Stodola
Marketing Manager
Glazer-Kennedy, Inc.

“I’m A Repeat Customer!”

ryanmoran“It’s hard to find a copywriter who actually cares about your projects. That’s not the case with Kevin – the thing that keeps me coming back to him is that he cares enough to research the heck out of his projects. Most writers simply won’t go the extra mile to do that, but Kevin always makes sure of it. I’m a repeat customer and plan to give him more work in the future.”

Ryan Moran

“Kevin Hill Is A Sales Copy Artist!”

mandy“Even though I’ve studied sales copy, I believe it’s an art, and Kevin Hill is a sales copy artist! His solid skill set of writing, and unique creativity is a lethal combination in getting the immediate response we are all looking for in inspiring people to take action.”

Mandy Pratt

“I Cannot Recommend Kevin Enough!”

danielI asked Kevin to look over my sales letter, and the knowledge I gained from his critique blew me away. I was also very impressed by his thoroughness. There is simply no doubt that my conversions will increase dramatically once I implement his suggestions. I cannot recommend Kevin enough if you also would like to improve conversions for your sales letters.

Daniel Falk

“Helped Us Add Multiple Streams Of Income!”

brittaniebyron“Kevin has helped us add multiple streams of income to our print publication. He has a knack for honing in on what people want and using the power of his words to make the sale. The results speak for themselves – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any business owner who just wants their copy done right the first time.”

Brittanie Byron

“Sent Out 10,000 Of Your Postcards
And They’ve Doubled My Business!”

“I hired Kevin to create a postcard to promote my plumbing business. To date I’ve sent out 10,000 postcards and am currently getting double the return on investment for all the postcards I send out!

If you’re looking for a highly-skilled copywriter I highly recommend Kevin. He is truly a copywriting and marketing master and I’ll be hiring him again soon.

Thanks Kevin!”

Donny Vigil
AP&B Plumbing
Los Angeles, CA

“Converted at 14%!”

“Kevin wrote an awesome pitch for one of my lead generation products. It converted at 14%…and I was expecting perhaps 5-6% conversions. Let’s say I was extremely happy at the result. He’s extremely easy to work with too–he “nailed it” on the first draft!”

Rick Johansson

“The Best Copywriter I’ve Ever Worked With!”

“Kevin was absolutely the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with! He helped me with 5 client projects and not only wrote the copy, but went above and beyond to help out with our marketing strategy too. He knows what he’s talking about, and is the only copywriter I trust with my client’s projects.”

Amanda Hartmann

“Simply The Best Writer I’ve Ever Worked With!”

“Kevin is an extremely talented writer that has the rare gift of being able to make his words work for you beyond the norm. He has the ability to simplify the message so that it is quickly read and more responsively understood. He is simply the best writer I have worked with and his work ethic is equally impressive. It is our good fortune to have the opportunity to work with Kevin. He flat “gets the job done!”

Keats Horstmann

“One Of The Best Copywriters I Have Used!”

Kevin is one of the best copywriters I have used, I know by trial and error that finding a good one is like mining for gold and when you find one you need to hold onto them, he is meticulous at what he does and comes highly reccommended by me.

David Saunders

“I knew I Hired The Right Guy!”

“Kevin Hill… well known copywriter, internet Marketer, and great guy? It didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to hire him. Not at first. You see, I was dead set on doing my sales copy myself, I really wanted to put the information I had learned through all the books/audios/training’s to use. I mean I could do it, right? Wrong!

Here’s the deal – I was about to “learn” on my first launch, while this concept is ok for a hobby…I had a business – this launch couldn’t fail… As soon as I hired Kevin, I knew I made the right choice. Held my hand through the entire process and delivered an exceptional product… I’ll hire Kevin again, no question.

Chris Boss

“You Can Never Go Wrong With Kevin!”

“Kevin is always ready to review and discuss whatever custom marketing plan or campaign idea you have. His copywriting skills are excellent, extremely well researched and original.

He knows a lot about writing and how to engage your business leads and potential customers. You can never go wrong with Kevin doing the copy!”

Enuma Orakwue
Internet Marketing Consultant