Are Your Promotions Missing This #1 CRITICAL Secret That Could Be Sabotaging Your Present (And Future) Profits?


Hi there, my name is Kevin Hill. I am a direct response copywriter who specializes in writing copy for online businesses.

My promotions have created over 6 million dollars worth of wealth for my clients to date. In fact, my last promotion made my last client over $50,000 in under 48 hours.

I don’t say this this to brag, of course. I just like to let my results do the talking.

You see, I’m actually a pretty humble guy.  I’m just not one of those people who promises to “skyrocket your profits” without having a track record to back up my claims.

I’m able to make my clients a lot of money because I’m able to research the HECK out of my projects. Research comes easy to me since I used to perform biodefense research for the Army in a previous life. (I have a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology).

Nowadays I use my research skills to write copy for clients and my own products. This puts me at an unfair advantage over other copywriters and marketers because lack of research is #1 reason why promotions…and businesses…fail.

So feel free to look around to learn more about me. And while you’re at it, claim your complimentary copy of my 52-Point Advertising and Copywriting Checklist on the right.

It outlines 52 conversion-boosting elements you MUST have in your promotion if you want to have a successful ad campaign.  Seriously, this is something you’ll want to laminate and have within arm’s reach at ALL times throughout your wealth-building journey!

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You’ll also get to take a look at several promotions I’ve created (one promotion raked in $300,000 in 7 days!) and read about previous clients who are thrilled with my work. Good stuff.

Thanks, I look forward to helping you out!

Kevin Hill

Direct Response Copywriter
“The Professor of High Response”

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