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Once You Discover This Critical Secret, Generating Profits Is Like Taking Candy from a Baby!

It Has Nothing To Do With A “Killer” Headline, “Power Words”, Or Hypnotic Commands. Read On To Discover Verifiable PROOF Of How This One BIG Secret Generated 5 Million Dollars For One Of The World’s Top Internet Marketers!
“Kevin is one of the best copywriters out there! He was my copywriter for 4 years and was responsible for a lion’s share of my profits. Not only is he an awesome copywriter, but he’s also a marketing master.  So if you want a boost of profits, hire Kevin now!”
Russell Brunson,
Click Below To See What Russell Has To Say About My Copy Skills!

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From: Kevin Hill
“The Professor of High Response”

Dear Savvy Marketer,

I want to share with you an extremely important message that could be the turning point for your business…and life.

Because there’s a special talent I have that puts me at a HUGE advantage over most copywriters and marketers.

When implemented, it can transform prospects into buyers faster than a New York minute.

On the other hand…

You see, it’s a rare skill that has enabled me to generate promotions for internet marketer Russell Brunson that helped bring in over 5 million dollars for his companies.

And I want to use this special talent to help you make MORE money so you can have more free time–and live the life of financial independence you’ve always dreamed about.

And the best part is you won’t have to put up with endless headaches or hassles either. More on that later.

Imagine being able to flick off the computer and leave your work worries behind. Or actually leave the office at 5 o’ clock for a change.

I can help you do that.

As you read every single word of this message, you’ll see verifiable PROOF that this special talent I have allows me creating cash-siphoning ads that motivate people to perform one of the hardest human transactions ever…

…to convince someone to yank out their wallet and BUY through the power of words!

And now for the first time ever, I want  to help YOU create promotions packed with so much selling power you’ll feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

I’ll tell you in a second. But first, let me tell you what this is NOT in case you’re wondering:

  • It has nothing to do with crafting “eye-popping” headlines that grab your prospect by the lapels and read your ad. Of course, headlines are important but if you miss this crucial element in your advertising, your headline is going to fall flat!
  • It has NOTHING to do with inserting “power words” that are supposed to get a prospect all charged up while reading your copy. While power words are important, what I’m talking about goes deeper than just inserting some fancy words into a sentence.
  • It has NOTHING to do with inserting “secret” hypnotic phrases and embedded commands. This is just one small piece of the persuasion puzzle, and it doesn’t mean squat if you leave this important step out!

You see, if your ads are lacking this one critical element…

You see, what I’m going to reveal to you is a critical element most “old school” marketers and “insiders” have known for decades.

But in today’s fast-and-furious marketing landscape it’s becoming a forgotten step among most copywriters and marketers.

You see, the biggest factor that can either lead to an inbox stuffed with orders…or a big fat ZERO staring at you in your bank account…is one thing:


The key to salesmanship in print is research. It’s the only way you can hit the right nerve and create a sales surge thanks to your advertising!

Without it, your advertising misses the mark and ends up costing you time, money, and opportunity.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a “killer” list, a hot offer, or if you have an army of joint venture partners and affiliates ready to promote for you.

All that doesn’t mean a thing if you fail to perform the proper research for your offer.

In fact:

  • You totally miss out on the REAL reason why people buy from you. Having the right appeal and benefits in your advertising is critical…and the only way to do that is through proper research.
  • You totally miss the REAL problem you’re trying to solve…or desire you’re trying to fill…through your product. It’s like missing the target at the shooting range..the results are poor sales and utter disappointment!
  • You totally miss out on how the product is going to better their lives, and mess up describing the pain they will feel if they DON’T buy from you. Get this wrong and you’re barking up the wrong tree!
  • You end up using the wrong Unique Selling Point. Without research, you end up being another “me-too” product with absolutely NO compelling reason why they should choose you over the other person…and your competitors will eat you for lunch!

You see, this is just SOME of the MANY reasons why your ad could BOMB if you don’t perform the proper research.

In fact, here’s what the late great copywriter Gary Halbert had to say at his Fusion seminar in June 2005:

“90 Percent Of Great Copy Is Research!”

Gary Halbert

Fusion Seminar, June 2005

What this means is, you can have all the “slick writing”, power words, and attention-getting headlines you want…

…but if you don’t perform the research before you write your ad, you’re setting yourself up for mind-numbing failure.

And this is where I come in….

You see, it’s my ability to perform exceptional research that gives me a huge advantage over other copywriters and marketers. And, unfortunately, most copywriters don’t do enough research on their clients.

Most will just concentrate on the actual writing part, and skimp on the most important part that’s going to govern the success of the ad:


Unfortunately, research is the toughest part when it comes to motivating people to buy from you. You need an exceptional ability to pour through tons of ads, analyze the competition, and nail down what your target market wants.

This requires an exceptional ability to consume large amounts of information, analyze data, and come to conclusions in a swift manner.  Yes, it’s a learned skill but most people don’t have this expertise…and is something that takes YEARS to develop.

And this is where I am able to help you.  Why? Because…

You see, I’ve been a “science geek” my entire life.  I have an uncanny ability to analyze data and draw conclusions through research…which allowed me to accomplish the following in my previous life before I became a million-dollar copywriter:

  • Get a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology.
  • Co-author a paper that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (one of the most prestigious scientific journals on the planet)
  • Author a Master’s thesis that got past the first wave of peer-review for Science magazine (almost got in, but only 12% manuscripts get that far!)
  • Performed classified bio-defense research for the Army at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

In fact, here is the a paper I co-authored while in grad school at Penn State. Thanks to my research skills, I discovered a pathway that a certain microbe uses to metabolize 100% carbon monoxide …a remarkable discovery since we would DIE if we breathed carbon monoxide!

It was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…one of the most prestigious scientific journals out there. If you’re into science, you know what I’m talking about…

Here is the paper I co-authored while in grad school. If you want to talk about carbon monoxide metabolism, I’m your guy!

Now I don’t want to “geek out” too much here...but to make a point.

They don’t let people perform classified biodefense research…or get published in one of the most prestigious scientific journals on the planet…with subpar research skills.

And it’s this uncanny knack for analyzing data, interpreting facts, and drawing conclusions that has allowed me to gain an “unfair advantage” over other copywriters you might hire.

And no copywriter or marketer on earth…at least to my knowledge…has the same amount of scientific experience and background as me!

What this means to you is I’m able to quickly and easily understand your market, your customers, and your “voice”…which are critical elements in the persuasion equation.

This will allow me to churn out a sales masterpiece that’ll put your prospects in a buying frenzy!

In fact, my first sales letter I ever wrote out-converted 6 other copywriters in a contest…some of them have been writing for years!

“Kevin’s copy sucks in cash like a vacuum on steroids! I held a copywriting contest a few years back and his sales letter outconverted 6 others in a split-test contest…some written by established copywriters. And what’s amazing is he told me that was the first promotion he’d ever written! Get on his schedule now!”
'Million Dollar' Mike Morgan,

But don’t take my word for it…

This was the sales letter I wrote for Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity. It brought in over 1.2 million in front-end and back end sales and became one of the most popular online models out there.

Click Here For Sample

This product sold over 2000 copies on Clickbank and raked in $300,000 during launch week. Total money made from back-end sales exceeded $1 million in less than a month!

Click Here For Sample

This went out to Russell’s customers over 2 years, and people who responded got upsold our coaching and done-for-you packages. At one point we were making $83 in back end sales for every letter mailed!

Click Here For Sample (PDF Download)

This is a $197 upsell for the Conquer Your Niche internet marketing forum that made over $300,000 over 3 years before the forum was sold to another marketer.

Click Here For Sample

This was a direct mail piece that went out to our list and ended up raking in a 200% return on investment! It is an article that slowly transitions into a sales pitch for a free DVD offer.

Click Here For Sample (PDF Download)

I wrote this sales letter a year ago for Live Webinar Replay…a service that simulates “live” webinars from recorded videos. This still rakes in a decent profit…especially since it’s a continuity product.

Click Here For Sample

Ok, I could go on and on. I just wanted to show you these as PROOF that my copy gets results.

This means you’re getting someone who has sold REAL products to REAL people…and not someone whose not ready for prime-time and is using your business’s potential profits to “test out their skills”.

Would you let a first-year medical student “practice” heart surgery on you if you needed it? No way!

Your business deserves better than that.

You see, these results wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t implement my uncanny research skills to study the target market, find out their wants, and write in a “voice” that resonated with the prospect.

These are critical elements in ANY advertisement, and you need to perform a LOT of research to get this down pat!

“Even though I’ve studied sales copy, I believe it’s an art, and Kevin Hill is a sales copy artist! His solid skill set of writing, and unique creativity is a lethal combination in getting the immediate response we are all looking for in inspiring people to take action”
Mandy Pratt,

And I want to put my scientific and research experience to work for you today. Call me at 208-297-2023 or fill out the form below and let’s get started!

While working for Russell, I wrote a wide variety of copy that brought in a large amount of profits for his company. Here is a summary of what I can help you with:

Sales Pages Video Sales Letters Postcards One-Time Offers
Squeeze Pages Product Launches Tearsheets Press Releases
Direct Mail Autoresponders Landing Pages Pay-Per-Click Ads

Oh, one more thing…I’m not just a copywriter,

You see, during my 4 years working for Russell, I’ve sat through $5000 workshops, $10,000 partnership workshops, and $17,000/year Mastermind sessions.

I have also been behind the scenes of some of the largest record-breaking product launches.

Beause of this vast knowledge I was able to obtain..I was Russell’s “go to” guy when he needed something done…and done quickly and correctly. Which included the following:

  • Running his Mastermind workshops and teaching my copywriting tips to 100’s of people
  • Teaching my “insider” copywriting tips to subscribers of the DotComSecrets paid newsletter every month for the past 4 years.
  • Contributing copy and website critiques to Dan Kennedy’s Diamond newsletter for the past year.
  • Managing and help build websites for 14 clients who bought some of our “done for you” website packages.

Oh, and I also sell my own products in several different niches.  Not many copywriters can claim that.

What all this means to you is I don’t just “write copy”. I am a bona-fide marketing master that could be a huge asset to you and your business.

“Kevin was absolutely the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with! He helped me with 5 client projects and not only wrote the copy, but went above and beyond to help out with our marketing strategy too. He knows what he’s talking about, and is the only copywriter I trust with my client’s projects.”
Amanda Hartmann,

In other words, I know what works and what doesn’t and can help you rake in more profits without committing the fatal “trial and error” mistakes that could doom your businesses.

For example, there might be an untapped profit center in your business I could bring to your attention while we’re working together.  I am pretty good at picking these things out for my clients, and could do the same thing for you.

Most of the time it’s just a small tweak that takes very little effort on your part… yet could result in a huge profit windfall for your business.

Yet that one small tweak could forever elude you if you don’t take action and get on my schedule today! So fill out the form below or call 208-297-2023 to get started!

What will happen is I will send you a short questionnaire asking you several very important questions about your business. It won’t take long for you to fill out.

I will also ask you to send me everything you can about your business–from your product to testimonials, case studies, past ads you’ve ran…etc.

The more, the better.

“Kevin has helped us add multiple streams of income to our print publication. He has a knack for honing in on what people want and using the power of his words to make the sale. The results speak for themselves – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any business owner who just wants their copy done right the first time.”
Brittanie Byron,

You see, I am extremely thorough in my research and will be able to quickly consume and analyze your materials so I can write a marketing piece your prospects cannot resist.

Remember, research is the “missing link” between a successful ad that sends your profits through the roof, and an advertisement that falls flat.  And I’ll be able to implement my proven research ability to create an ad that rocks!

Now in case you’re wondering:

It depends on your project.

You see, my uncanny knack for research enables me to “get” your business, voice, and target market quickly and easily. In other words, it won’t take me months to create your ad.

That means you’ll get “nailed” drafts that are full of selling dynamite done on time, on budget, and without hassles or headaches.

You see, I am very good at “getting it” the first time around. That means less hassles for you as I won’t bombard you with questions asking you to “clarify things” on a daily basis.

Fast comprehension, quick turnaround, and meeting deadlines was a “must” while doing confidential research for the government…and has been a huge plus for me in my copywriting career.

That means you’ll get a powerful-selling advertisement delivered to you on time and for the price agreed upon.

Quite simply, I subtract things from your “to-do” list…not add to it.

Kevin is an extremely talented writer that has the rare gift of being able to make his words work for you beyond the norm.  He has the ability to simplify the message so that it is quickly read and more responsively understood.  He is simply the best writer I have worked with and his work ethic is equally impressive.   It is our good fortune to have the opportunity to work with Kevin.  He flat “gets the job done!”
Keats Horstmann,

Oh one more thing,  I am very easy to work with and a good guy. At least that’s what they tell me anyway. 🙂

That means you’ll get a smooth, positive working experience without headaches or drama.  Expect phone calls and emails to be answered in a timely manner.

In other words, I won’t disappear on you or take your money and fly to Cancun.   I hate dealing with drama and headaches for my own business and I won’t do it to you.

Now in case you’re wondering:

I’m not the cheapest guy on the block. But I’m also not going to require you to take out a second mortgage to pay my fee.

Realize that I don’t cost you money, I make you money. The selling power of the copy I’ll write for you and my marketing expertise makes whatever fee you’ll pay me irrelevant…since you could make 10-times your investment back.

So if your looking for “bottom-basement” prices, then I’m probably not the guy for you.

In fact, hiring a cheap, unproven copywriter that doesn’t have the research and selling skills that I do could end up COSTING you in the long run….in lost profits, endless rewrites, and wasted time.

Quite simply, you and your business deserves better than that!

“It’s hard to find a copywriter who actually cares about your projects. That’s not the case with Kevin – the thing that keeps me coming back to him is that he cares enough to research the heck out of his projects. Most writers simply won’t go the extra mile to do that, but Kevin always makes sure of it. I’m a repeat customer and plan to give him more work in the future.”
Ryan Moran,

So with everything I bring to the table, hiring me could actually SAVE you time, money, and headaches in the log run!

And you’ll actually be able to take a day off for a change.

So if you want a proven writer who has over 5 million dollars of sales under his belt, is easy to work with, and won’t give you any hassles, fill out the form below and let’s get started!

You see, one of the questions I used to get all the time while running Russell’s workshops and mastermind groups is:

“Where do I go to find a good copywriter?”

Unfortunately finding a good, proven, reliable copywriter is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you make the wrong decision, you’ll end up with a marketing message that totally misses the mark because they didn’t do the proper research for your product and market.

If you’re an experienced marketer whose has hired a copywriter who just didn’t “get it”, then you know what I’m talking about.

Sure, the writer might have been “cheap”…but the endless rewrites, explaining, and editing you had to do…along with the resulting frustration and anxiety…ended up costing you even MORE time and money than it was worth.

And if you’re a marketer who is just starting out, well, here’s your chance to make the right decision and hit the ground running right off the bat.

Kevin Hill is the best copywriter I have come across since I began Internet marketing 4 years ago. I also had the privilege to meet and talk to Kevin in person, so I can vouche for his outstanding character as well…You simply won’t find a better copywriter and person to trust your business with. Kevin is as elite as they come and guarantees his work. Don’t make the mistake I did trying to skimp on an average sales writer, and make the investment in Kevin to professionally represent your business!”
Derek Gardner, Founder and CEO,

You’ve seen my track record. I have shown you verifiable proof in this letter that my copy converts…and I know I can help you with your business.

You simply cannot make a mistake here!

So fill out the inquiry form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. Or if you are in a hurry, give me a call right away at 208-297-2023.

Now’s the time to put my scientific research and marketing expertise to work for you for bigger profits.  So fill out the form or give me a call below….right now…while it’s still hot on your mind.

I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for your time!

Kevin Hill, M.S.
“The Professor of High Response”

P.S. One more thing: I know you could always “go it alone” and write your own sales copy. But let me ask you: if you have a gas leak in your furnace, would you try to patch it up yourself and see what happens?

Heck no! You’d call a professional since the results could be deadly. Leave the sales copy to a proven professional like me so you can concentrate on other areas on your business. Fill out the form below or call my office at 208-297-2023 right now to get started!