About Copywriter Kevin Hill



Howdy, this is Kevin Hill. I am a copywriter who has been helping business make more money thanks to the power of my words.

My marketing materials, both online and offline, have generated over $5 million dollars. I have also given classes and spoken at seminars teaching students how to bolster their business through effective copy.

So, what makes me different among other copywriters?


1) I’m An Awesome Researcher.


You see, 90% of great copy involves painstaking research. Unfortunately most copywriters don’t perform enough research on a client’s product or service…and it really shows in their copy.

You see, in a previous life,  I was a scientist. I have a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology and performed research for a living.  This included performing classified biodefense research for the U.S. Army.

I was able to use this experience to hone my research skills…so when I decided to become a copywriter 7 years ago it was an easy transition for me. I already had the research chops necessary to write winning promotions—something most of today’s copywriters lack, or are still trying to develop.


2) I Get “Voice” And Why It’s Important To Your Business.


Most copywriters write in one voice for every promotion: their own. They don’t realize that writing for golfers is different than writing for women who are struggling with fertility problems.

My research skills allows me to quickly “get” your target market. That way I can write in a voice that zeros in on your prospect’s problems and desires…and how your product/service is going to make their lives better!


3) I Do All The Work Myself.


There are many sites that sell “copywriting” services (mostly website groups) that’ll outsource your copy to an “unknown” writer.   This means you don’t know who’s actually writing your copy….or who to contact if you have a question.

When you work with me, you’ll get personal attention on your project since I do everything myself. I don’t outsource your work to other people because, to be frank, I don’t trust anyone else to write on my behalf.  Let’s just say I’m quite a perfectionist. 🙂


4) You’ll Get Reliable Work Done On Time, At The Price Agreed Upon.


Deadlines were a mainstay in graduate school and my previous position as a researcher for the United States Army.  This has served me well in my copywriting career…and I won’t ruin your project timeline by being late on a project.


5) I Am Easy To Work With.


I don’t cause problems or drama. You have enough on your mind and the last thing you need to deal with is “writer drama”. I hate that stuff in my business…and I won’t do it to you.

In other words, I’ll subtract things from your “to-do” list….not add to them. I am a very nice guy…or at least that’s what they tell me. 🙂

So, if you are interested in discussing an upcoming project,  please read more about why you should hire me here!

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!